Virtual Leadership

Increasing Employee Retention through Personalized Professional Development

Tools: Canva, Google Slides, PDF Escape

Time: 1 Week

Potential Client: Any business seeking to increase employee retention rates.

Summary of Project: Over the last year, thousands of workers made the shift to working from home. Gartner found that almost 74% of those jobs will remain remote in the future. Leaders now have the unique challenge of continuing successful business from afar.

Studies have shown that employee turnover can cost corporations thousands of dollars. But, how can a company retain employees when they do not see them? Investment in the personalized professional development of employees will help increase retention and, ultimately, the bottom line of any business.

The goal of this training is for learners (managers) to set an agenda for one personalized professional development meeting with a current employee. Results would be measured by tracking employee retention rates, with the goal of increasing employee retention by 10%.

The facilitator's role is to guide the learner and to provide useful tools and strategies for the learner to use in their virtual leadership journey.


All good training should begin with needs analysis, and that's what this instructional design document does. In it, I take careful consideration of company goals and how this training will ultimately meet a business objective. I relied on several instructional design theories, including the Kirkpatrick Model and Gagne's 9 Events. Through this document I earned my Level 2 instructional design badge from IDOL courses Academy.

Virtual Leadership

This slide deck is simple to use and easy to follow along! The presentation is not flashy, and that is because it is designed with the focus on the learner's application. Instead of presenting content using videos and other media, the "meat and potatoes" of the training is the work that learners will put into creating a personalized professional development plan for one of their employees.


This is a comprehensive overview of the training. It includes an introduction, tips for virtual training, and notes to use while presenting the slide deck to learners. This guide features detailed notes and suggestions for any trainer to use.


This learner's workbook can be sent ahead of time or downloaded at the time of the presentation. Created using Canva, it is easy to follow and pleasing to look at! Once downloaded, you will notice that space is included for learners to type directly into the workbook and save to their own computers. No printing is necessary in order to be successful.

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